French Brown Hair Colour

Do you have sensitive scalp, or looking for a more comfortable and healthier hair colouring experience?

For some clients, regular permanent hair colour that makes use of ammonia as a swelling agent for the hair cuticle may cause eye, nose, and throat irritation.

What is Ammonia used for?

Ammonia helps the hair follicle to absorb the hair colour or dye easily and makes the colour go deep into the hair cuticle. The resulting hair colour from an ammonia-based hair colour lasts long and looks vibrant. Since ammonia molecules are small, they evaporate fast and are also easy to rinse after colouring.

To allow our clients to enjoy the benefits of both products, Salon Vim introduces the French Brown Hair Colouring Service, which uses ammonia-free oil based hair colour for your roots and a long lasting regular hair colour for the lengths.

What are the benefits?

  • No Itchy Scalp
  • Healthier Hair
  • No Pungent Smell

This service is for clients who prefer an odourless hair colouring that is less irritating for sensitive scalps yet able to provide 100% of grey hair coverage while leaving the hair feeling intensely nourished and hydrated with sublime shine.

We're also seeing many clients opting for ammonia-free hair colour during pregnancy as a safer choice of treatment to reduce exposure to chemicals.

Expect to see uncompromised results, with a rich, healthy and luscious colour specially blended for your skin tone.

Prices start from $155. DM @salonvim on instagram or drop us a whatsapp for a free and non obligatory consultation! Call Us: 6734 6404

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