Wonder Curls: Frizz Free Hair Perming

Bid goodbye to frizzy perms, they are a thing of the past! 

Introducing Wonder Curls - a modern, long lasting solution for adding volume and body to enhance your look without having to use the curling iron daily. 

Using the same innovative technique as our award winning Texture Control Anti Frizz Treatment, Wonder Curls allow you to enjoy the same anti-frizz results with customisable curls. Hair appears stronger, more resilient with a healthy shine.


Read on as we address some of the Frequently Asked Questions below:

Q. Are the curls difficult to manage?

Compared to traditional perming methods which causes hair to be more porous and frizzy resulting in higher maintenance, Wonder Curls incorporates an intensive and innovative treatment to smooth down the cuticle layer, lock in moisture and help the hair appear shinier and less frizzy. It is designed for the modern women who requires fuss-free solutions.

Thus, not much effort is required to manage these frizz free permanent waves. We recommend using a hairdryer, brush or your fingers to lightly blow dry and shape the curls. You'll be out of the house in no time!


Q. Ideal length for Wonder Curls?

As the curls are customisable in terms of size and tightness of the waves, our hair designers are able to work with all hair lengths to create a style that is suitable for your hair texture and preference.

Add volume, structure and plenty of texture to your hair with Wonder Curls!

Choose from cascading long and sexy loose waves to add a touch of femininity for a glamorous look that is low maintenance, beach waves for a casual and effortless style, or tighter tousled curls for a youthful and free-spirited finish.


Q. What type of hair texture or hair type is suitable for Wonder Curls?

Normal or Coarse Hair

Chemically treated or weakened hair might not be suitable, speak to your stylist to receive an accurate recommendation


Q. How long does Wonder Curls take?

Up to 2.5 hours, it is a combination of techniques and treatments combined to produce the best anti frizz curls result


Q: How long can Wonder Curls last?

For normal hair texture, 3-4 months

For coarse hair texture, up to 6 months


Q: How much does Wonder Curls cost?

Short $368, Long $398 (before GST)


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