Stemoxydine®, a patented molecule, inspired from stem cells science, provides hair density care and boosts the look of hair body. Coupled with a new complex of B6, B5, and B3 vitamins, and associated with a styling polymer, Densifique brings nutrition, as well as immediate protection, by coating hair with a light covering to target thinning hair. 











Setting new boundaries in hair density.


A scientific and sensory approach, for men and women alike.


The opportunity to reveal a new dimension of extraordinary hair thickness. 



Advanced Densi-Lift

Youth Activator Homme

Reveal a new dimension of hair thickness. Enlarge your hair cuticles and increase hair density through a journey of in salon rituals combined with home care.


In salon treatments complete with Salon Vim Cold Laser Machine and Specialty massage techniques for the best results. 

Combinaton of scalp and hair treatment designed to promote added mass, density and volume from within. Hair feels stronger, appears thicker and fuller.


Price: $340 and above

Specially formulated for men, designed to activate density in scalp cells and restore that youthful look.



Price: $200

Densify your hair 

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