Hair Clinic Program

Bespoke treatment program personalised for individual hair types; designed for severely damaged, frizzy and dry hair

"Frizzy hair is one of my main hair concerns and the Hair Clinic program is able to effectively treat it in a shorter time frame." - @angjinyuan

Your Hair's Emergency Action Plan

Intensive Care

Even the most badly damaged hair can be salvaged in the right hands, trust us

Personalised Solutions

What goes into your treatment is customised by Professionals after a detailed hair analysis

Long Lasting Results

Expect to achieve better results in a shorter period of time as compared to any other treatment you've done in the past

Trust me, the time taken is definitely worth it. I would totally recommend this to anyone who wants to achieve smoother & shinier hair even after bleaching."
- @lecinlurvee

Exclusive Launch Pricing Available

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You are recommended to have 3 sessions of the treatment within 2 months for maximum results. Results can be seen immediately after the 1st treatment. Maximum results will be visible after completing the course of 3 sessions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
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