4 Questions with Salon Vim Scalp R&D Director Sue Liew

1. What inspired you to start specialising in scalp care apart from hair care?

During our client's consultation with us, we notice an increasing number of clients facing scalp issues which demands immediate treatment. They have been seeking help from other sources, paying hefty prices but to no avail. Understanding their need for result oriented scalp treatments at affordable prices, we started to introduce specialised scalp services in Salon Vim to help our clients regain a healthy scalp.

2. Tell us more about the team you lead.

The scalp team is fronted by 3 certified scalp specialists who are our in-house educators and have been in this industry for more than 10 years - they are Yvonne, Katherine and Rosie.

Working alongside them to deliver a therapeutic experience to our clients are scalp therapists - Penny, June and Jeane.

3. What makes THE SALON VIM scalp RITUAL different?

In Salon Vim, we believe in doing double scalp treatments which targets two scalp problems in a single session. Living in Singapore's constantly humid weather, our scalp does not deal with a standalone problem and our clients suffer from a couple of issues.

"We acknowledge the fact that modern clients demand instant gratification - therefore our products and technology used are designed to produce results much faster than traditional methods."

We have received many testimonials of clients witnessing positive results such as baby hair growing out in 3 months and achieving fuller looking hair. *Individual results may vary

The high-tech cold laser machine we use stimulates hair growth, increase melanin production and speed up the treatment results. Besides offering solutions for hair growth, hair thinning and common scalp problems, we also offer dedicated treatments to strengthen your scalp immunity and lymphatic spa to detoxify your scalp.

In addition, the products we use here are scientifically proven with 60 years of product research and development in the area of scalp. All massage techniques and rituals are custom tailored in-house to enhance the effectiveness of our treatments. Our therapists have undergone training from a certified TCM physician to practice lymphatic and detox massage on our clients to help ease tension and provide lymphatic drainage.

4.What can one expect to experience?

Step 1 • We start with a professional diagnosis of the client's scalp condition using our high technology scanner which is able to zoom 200x into the scalp follicles and detect the average number of hair on one circumference.

Step 2 • Through a detailed analysis report, we are well equipped with sufficient information to customise a tailor made scalp treatment journey for the client. Following which, our scalp therapists will perform a customised scalp ritual with specific massage techniques and products to meet the client's scalp needs.

Step 3 • A second diagnosis will be done at the end of the session to show our clients how their scalp condition has improved before and after the ritual.

Step 4 • Finally, our therapists will recommend a suitable scalp and hair home-care regime which complements the in salon ritual as the products we use daily plays an important role in improving one's scalp condition in the long run.

Experience Scalp Revival Spa at a trial price of $175 (U.P. $350) here.

From now till 31st August 2016, receive a free bottle of customised scalp shampoo for your specific scalp type and condition when you book a complimentary scalp diagnosis with us.

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