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[Blissful Brides] The Savior of All Hair Woes

Article written by Blissful Brides.

The Blissful Brides Team drops in at Salon Vim to check out the latest Texture Smooth Double Treatment. Jobelle Tee gives you the lowdown. (Spoilers: it's great.)

Salon Vim’s brand new outlet in Wisma Atria is brimming with people even on a weekday. It is bustling and the shuffling footstep of hairdressers is common. A step into this chic salon with tasteful decor and you'll understand why.

New outlet begets new powerful treatment

Besides their whopping new outlet, Salon Vim brings us their new Texture Smooth Double Treatment, the saviour for your fading perms and hair colours. John Tham, Director of Salon Vim explains that this is not just one treatment layered upon another. It isn’t a technique that will work anyway because the second treatment would be blocked by the first one. The Texture Smooth Double Treatment came to light because the usual treatment in the market just wasn't enough. Sure, your tresses will be silky and soft after the treatment session, but what then after? This is where the Texture Smooth Double Treatment excels. It lasts twice as long, so you save both money and trips to the salon. Depending on current hair condition and hair routine, it can last up to six weeks. He further explains: “With our hair and skin PH levels at 5.5 (slightly alkaline) and water’s at 7 (neutral), even rinsing our hair with water is sufficient to raise the PH levels. Plus, with colouring and bleaching aplenty, the hair cuticles open up, thus causing your hair to be prone to protein and nutrients leaking.” All that and daily cleansing, (thanks heat wave), you can only imagine the trauma your hair goes through.

The treatment, part I

We decided to send our writer Jobelle in to put the treatment with all its claims to the test. And here is her hair situation. A glance at her bleached ends and general frizz situation, anyone can tell that it is definitely in need of saving. More pointedly, it makes her the perfect candidate. First step: Analysing current hair condition and customising a treatment for you. The general recommended option is the ‘softening’ choice, because everybody loves a head of hair that swishes with the wind. So, we went with that. If your hair is fine and extremely fragile, they might recommend the ‘hardening’ option. Next step: Treatment shampoo and conditioning. There is a reason why we frequent salons: the head massages. At Salon Vim, you can experience their unique head massages that even extends to your neck. Busy brides-to-be, you will need this 20 minutes of heavenly massage. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

The calming shampoo area where you will receive the amazing massage. After this, they applied an anti-aging serum with hydrolysed marine collagen and amino acids. Plus strengthening your hair with protein concentrates and hydrating essence, it intensively hydrates and repairs the parched and damaged hair fibres, inside out.

The treatment, part II

Here is where the state-of-the-art technology comes to play. By employing the ‘nano mist’ technology, the initial products applied are properly broken down into particles as small as 0.03 mm. This ensures the protein molecules are penetrated into the hair shaft and properly absorbed. The nano mist comes in the form of a mini hair dryer, it jets warm mist that breaks down the particles. Now, we wait for the magic to happen. Once properly absorbed, the final mask is to be applied. With its shine-boosting effect and unique cationic polymers, it closes the cuticles to seal in all the goodness. This step is essential to prevent colour bleeding and extending the life of your treatment. Results?

What you get is a head full of airy, smooth and lively hair. There really is a significant change in texture and manageability. My hair truly feels much healthier! The hair shafts are fully plumped with nutrients and thanks to the nano mist, it fully penetrates the cortex and it takes much more time for the proteins to bleed out. Even after a week of washing, my hair is still doing great. Prior to this, I was convinced that treatments were just gimmicks but this had me sold.


This treatment saves you trips to the salon while giving your current hair a new lease of life. Perfect for brides who already have a jam-packed schedule. The entire session was gratifying and pampering, as all of the staff were extremely caring to make sure for an indulgent session. The duration of this treatment is around one and a half hour, including the gorgeous blow out.

Salon Vim is located at:

313 Somerset #04-25/26/27/28 T: 6884 7757

Wisma Atria #02-01B T: 6734 6404

Bugis, 235 Victoria Street T: 6837 0073


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