Ever knew you could contour your hair?

With zero effort on your side as well, might we add. This service is done by professionals through a play of light and shadow to help you achieve an ideal face shape.

Highlights and lowlights are strategically positioned to horizontally widen or vertically elongate certain parts of the face.

So, what makes an ideal face shape?

We always hear about how Oval is the perfect face shape. Truth be told, the perfect face has nothing to do with shape at all, but with ratio.

It is typically 3 parts long to 2 parts wide where the width of your face is 1/3 less than its length. There are also no major corners on the "perfect face shape".​

Before / After Transformations:

Oblong shape:

Over here, a full fringe was given to create an illusion of a shorter length on her face, which in turn gives her the 3 parts long to 2 parts wide which makes it more ideal. Her features are enhanced with deep tones applied from the roots to lighter highlights above the ears and down to the ends.

Heart shape:

For a heart shaped face, what we want to achieve is to distract attention from a sharp chin and conceal a broad forehead. It's all about depth to the roots and blend of light tones around the jawline to achieve a more oval face shape.

How does it work?

First, identify your face shape.

Next, know your skin tone. Then, sit back and allow our stylist to design a custom contoured look for your lifestyle and preferences. Enjoy the results!

Bearing the 3 parts long to 2 parts wide ratio theory in mind, all of us can now achieve the ideal face shape with #haircontouring!

Like what you see? Ask for #haircontouring during your next appointment and be blown away by the difference this service can do for your face shape!

Hair Contouring is available at all Salon Vim outlets fr $280. Inclusive of a face framing haircut, glow-inducing base color and freehand contouring highlights.

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