On the Topic of Contouring with Celeb Makeup Artist Larry Yeo

This August, Salon Vim collaborated with celebrity make up artist / educator Larry Yeo (@larryyeo) for our latest #haircontouring service launch, click to watch the video if you've missed it.

How does hair contouring complement your make up? Is it for everyone? Read on for some real truthful and valuable expert advice from the make up guru himself!

When doing makeup contouring ourselves, how do we identify where to shadow or highlight?

Focus on where you need to do highlight and contour. Highlight tends to bring up and out the areas needed. Contour is to recede areas that we need to bring in and tone down.

Not everywhere needs to be highlighted or contoured. If there is excessive contouring and highlighting done, it might look like you are an Instagram tragedy waiting to go on stage for a 7th month ghost festival stage performance (as a horse).

The general guideline to contouring is to create the proportion of an oval shape.

Generally, we “cut away the excess” to achieve the oval structure, the guide line will be shaping to that proportion.

What should we look out for when doing make up contouring?

We have to understand the environment we are doing contouring for. Hot and humid environments are not recommended for excess contouring as sweating will give you a muddy look more worn out than an abandoned mannequin in a recycling bin.

The less protected we are from the external environment, the more we have to chill on the amount of contouring used. I have seen people (men and women) who mask their face up with so much contour; until they sweat and they look like they took part in the Spartan Race.

I would recommend using translucent, light gel and cream textures for contouring as heavy creams and powders do not work well for outdoor environments.

How does hair contouring complement makeup contouring?

Makeup contouring helps boosts hair contouring. As both frames the face and bring the structure out, they help to amplify and enhance the person’s natural facial features.

Hair contouring provides depth to framing of the face, while makeup contouring gives depth to the skin.

Is contouring for everyone?

I think Hair contouring can be for everyone because it frames the face up, especially when you have a good stylist who understands and acknowledges your own facial structure.

Makeup contouring isn’t made for all. It works well for most except those with extremely boney facial structures as it might excessively amplify one's skeletal structure.

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