Salon Vim Director John Tham On Why Rose Gold Hair Is Big Right Now

With the recent opening of Salon Vim's new salon in the heart of town, we get director John Tham to share the most popular hair trends on his radar now.

The It colour for hair now

“We’ve received many requests for rose gold hair (a mix of copper and and pink tones) – it’s feminine, sophisticated and also complements fair skin. That aside, we can customise the intensity of the shade to suit an individual’s preference and skin tone. Prices start from $300.”

Cool dye jobs to try

“Denim hair (above, left), which is a faded, washed-out blue tone with a multi-dimensional, distressed effect, and bronde hair (above, right), which is a mix of blonde and brown shades.”

Best hair treatment for coloured locks

“Salon Vim’s Texture Smooth Double Hair treatment ($280-$400), which will help to lock in the colour and returns twice the amount of proteins and moisture back to the hair, leaving hair strands stronger and the colour more vibrant.”

Top three ways to care for dyed hair

“Go for a hair treatment every four weeks to replenish protein and moisture lost through daily washing, heat styling and sun exposure. This maintains your hair’s natural PH level of 5.5. Use leave-in products like Kerastase’s Resistance Therapiste range after washing hair to keep humidity at bay and prevent colour from fading quickly. Coat your hair ends with conditioner first before applying shampoo on the scalp – this will protect your hair from sulfates and prevent colour from stripping.”

What #HairContouring is all about

#HairContouring is a new service (prices start from $280) that involves a face-framing haircut and (dye-ing techniques that) play with light and shadow. The stylist will strategically position highlights or shadow on specific parts of the face to create the illusion of a slimmer visage. For example, our objective (for a diamond-shaped face) is to conceal a broad forehead and reduce the prominence of cheekbones. This is done by introducing a fringe, which applies “shadow” at the cheekbones. Lighter-coloured hair will be introduced from below the cheeks with an ombre effect to create movement and bring out a fuller-looking chin.”

A step-by-step guide to #HairContouring

“First, we identify your face shape and skin tone. Next, we measure your facial proportions and determine which area to elongate or widen. Thirdly, our stylists will determine where to introduce light and shadow (using colour and freehand contouring highlights) to contour and highlight your face. Lastly, we will do a face-framing haircut and give you styling tips.”

Salon Vim’s Wisma Atria salon boasts luxe leather seats, gold-toned mirror frames and elaborate chandeliers.

Why you should visit Salon Vim’s new salon

“We offer the same services here as our other two salons, but our latest establishment at Wisma Atria (#02-01B) has a more upscale look and feel which adopts Parisian elements.”

Salon Vim is located at:

313 Somerset #04-25/26/27/28 T: 6884 7757

Wisma Atria #02-01B T: 6734 6404

Bugis, 235 Victoria Street T: 6837 0073


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