salon vim texture control

texture control

not your typical anti frizz treatment.

strengthens. hydrates. repairs. like no other.

What is Texture Control?

Designed by our co-founder Gary, Salon Vim Texture Control is a revolutionary 3-step anti-frizz solution for those suffering from frizzy, unmanageable hair.


Highly innovative and technique driven, Salon Vim Texture Control combines a specific concoction of high quality products with custom controlled timing to deliver the best results.

How is Texture Control different?

Not your typical anti-frizz treatment - Texture Control hydrates, strengthens and repairs hair while eliminating frizziness, leaving hair even stronger and healthier than before.


Do you like your hair.. light and airy or soft and heavy? Straight or natural?

Results are fully customisable using different strengths and intensity.


Here's to frizz free, soft and manageable hair like never before. 

Reduce your morning beauty routine time taken with our one stop anti-frizz solution.



Is this similar to Rebonding?

No. Rebonding breaks 90% of hair bonds to straighten hair, while Texture Control corrects using a significantly lower percentage of hair bonds, it is chemically less harsh. 

How long does this last?

The anti-frizz effect is permanent, thus the only time you need to revisit us for Texture Control is when new hair grows out. However, we recommend clients to come back monthly for a basic hair treatment to maintain hair texture.


That being said, frequency varies with each individual's hair history and condition.

Please consult our stylists for more information.




"I now have soft, shiny, anti-frizz and silky hair permanently after my first ever texture control treatment with @johnthamyuehan."


"This technique is a newly launched anti-frizz treatment that gave me more manageable hair, and saved me time on maintaining my tresses."


"Smooth, manageable hair every time, thanks to Salon Vim's texture control - a newly launched anti-frizz treatment - done by my stylist @priscillia_loo. No styling or serum needed for hair here."

"my naturally gravity-defying frizzy hair is now tangle free and straight, and is probably the softest i remember it ever being, while the finish looks more natural and volumized than old school rebonding."

- L'Officiel Singapore

How much does this cost?

Texture Control comprises of 3 unique treatments perfectly synchronised to produce only the best for your hair. It is priced from $420-$540 depending on hair length. All prices quoted subject to 7% GST.

To find out if your hair is suitable for this treatment, do drop by our salon for a free and non obligatory consultation with our experts!


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