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texture control

not your typical anti frizz treatment.

strengthens. hydrates. repairs. like no other.

Bid goodbye to frizziness and rehydrate your hair with our brand new Texture Control!

What Is Texture Control?

• Frizz-free hair

• Retain your hair moisture  

• Strengthen and smooths hair

• Rehydrate hair from the inside out

• Infuse your hair with proteins and hydration for supple, dewy hair. 

Feeling parched from Singapore’s scorching heat? So is your hair. Specially formulated and created by Director Gary Chew, this revamped formula is catered to Singapore’s increasing heat and humidity for the ultimate retention of hair moisture and frizz-free hair. 


With the increase of pollutants from the haze and exhaust fumes from buses or cars, your hair follicles are coated in environmental aggressors and our scalp follicles will get clogged up. Get proper preventive protection and deep treatment with our new Texture Control which provides a barrier between the harsh pollutants and your delicate hair.


A modern-day woman’s go-to treatment for that fuss-free and sleek look with low maintenance. Now you can get your beauty sleep and wake up looking like a greek goddess with silky smooth tresses.  


Our new improved version hydrates your hair and integrates into hair follicles for the ultimate frizz control. A premium treatment that is specially formulated to rehydrate your hair from the inside out and tackles frizzy hair due to Singapore’s humid weather. Experience it yourself at our special introductory price of $368 for all hair lengths.


Try It Now:

Personalised & Targeted Solution

Wondering why all the conditioners and hair masks you bought aren’t working and your hair is still dry and frizzy? 


Our hair is constantly exposed to the heat and sun every day and it dries up our hair. Without proper hair care to lock in the moisture, our hair is constantly losing moisture and evaporating into the environment.  


Stop wasting your money on unnecessary products, we’re here to help. We understand that every hair is different and we want you to share with us your concerns. Our Texture Control is personalised to your unique needs and solves your problem.



Is this similar to Rebonding?

No. Rebonding breaks 90% of hair bonds to straighten hair, while Texture Control corrects using a significantly lower percentage of hair bonds, it is chemically less harsh. 

How long does this last?

The anti-frizz effect is permanent, thus the only time you need to revisit us for Texture Control is when new hair grows out. However, we recommend clients to come back monthly for a basic hair treatment to maintain hair texture.


That being said, frequency varies with each individual's hair history and condition.

Please consult our stylists for more information.


How much does this cost?

Texture Control comprises of a mixture of unique treatments perfectly synchronised to produce only the best for your hair. As part of our introductory price, it is $368 for all hair lengths from now until 31st Oct 2019.  All prices quoted subject to 7% GST.

To find out if your hair is suitable for this treatment, do drop by our salon for a free and non obligatory consultation with our experts!


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