Korean Gloss Hair Treatment

Best Strengthening Treatment for Bleached, Porous and Damaged Hair!

Are you looking for an effective solution that
  • Reduces your blow dry time by 50%?
  • Adds 3x more shine and gloss for a healthy sheen?
  • Strengthens and repairs your hair cuticles, reducing breakage?
  • Is safe and 100% formaldehyde free?

Look no further! 

The Korean Gloss strengthening hair treatment uses a patented formulation that proves to be the leader in the market. It works as a filler treatment to fill up the holes in our hair using proteins, amino acid, hydrolysed collagen.

This rebuilding treatment gives longevity to natural, color treated or chemically processed hair. This innovative, advanced process only takes 30 minutes, which is perfect for the time pressed individual!

Who is it for?

This treatment is highly recommended for clients with bleached or damaged hair type that is prone to breakage and porous hair cuticles which result in longer blow drying time.


How is it different?

The Korean Gloss treatment is suitable for pre-lightened and chemically processed hair! It is also a water based formula, unlike other treatments that are silicon based. This means that the treatment is able to better penetrate and get absorbed by your hair for results that can last up to 2 months, rebuilding the bonds internally.


How do i maintain the results?

After the treatment, it is natural for your hair to feel stiff as the protein and hydrolyzed collagen has been left in your hair to absorb. For best results, follow through the 72 hours strengthening process by not washing your hair and avoid sweating, contact with water or salt based products. Thereafter, use low PH and salt free hair products for longer lasting result.
Prices start from: $260 


Not sure if Korean Gloss Hair Treatment is suitable for you? Read our detailed post to understand how Texture Control and Magic Straight compares to Korean Gloss.


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