the french balayage difference

1. Natural looking and not strippy

2. Perfectly blended and seamless cool color gradients

3. Nourishing gloss to neutralize warm/ brassy color

french artistry

  • Only achievable by a professional
  • Sophisticated, chic yet natural looking
  • Shinier, more reflective colour
  • Softer texture and radiant results!

Neutralise Unwanted Yellow Undertones

Pair it with Metal Detox Hair Treatment

Did you know that our water contains metals that can accumulate in the hair fiber? Metals found in your hair can affect the result of your new hair colour and texture which means not seeing the colour result in true high definition. The excess copper can cause your hair to be more prone to breakage during the colouring process.

Introducing Glicoamine, the only molecule small enough to penetrate and neutralise metal inside the hair fibre and remove unwanted yellow undertones to create a clean and pure canvas for your next hair colour. A scientifically tested and proven innovation, results demonstrate a 87% reduction in breakage risk and 100% reliable colour result.

Step 1.

Neutralise Metal

A pre-treatment spray that helps to neutralise excess copper in the hair. Applied before the colour service, simply spray on to dry hair from root to tip in successive separations, letting it dry while preparing your colour service.

Step 2.

Gently Remove Metal

A cleansing cream shampoo that detoxes the hair after the service. It can be used once or twice to help cleanse the hair and remove the excess colour and excess copper.

Step 3.

Protect The Fibre From Particle Deposits

A protecting care mask that prevents new particles from returning, this is best suited to medium to thick hair which has been sensitised, helping to bring back strength.

Experience natural looking & perfectly blended French Balayage!

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