Not your basic keratin treatment

Permanent Anti-Frizz, Strengthen Damaged Hair, Straighten Unruly Curls

Our hair treatments are designed by our Directors, and have won awards on beauty magazines. Targeted to your specific needs, we offer solutions for every hair problem, not just your basic keratin treatment.

Well loved by celebrities and social media influencers to achieve more manageable hair. Book a free consultation and get your Stronger, Healthier and Shinier hair today.

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Our Hair Treatments

We offer a wide range of solutions for every sort of hair problem, from Frizzy Hair, to Damaged Hair, and Unruly Curly Hair. These are 3 of our best-selling hair restructuring treatments for different hair type and conditions.

We recommend booking a complimentary and non-obligatory consultation with our stylists to assess your hair and give a personalised advice for your unique hair type.

Korean Gloss

$280 - $360

Strengthens & Coats Bleached or Normal hair, for Healthier & Shinier Hair

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Suitable for Bleached/Chemically Treated Porous Hair

Magic Straight

$298 - $398

Straightens and Softens Unruly and Curly Hair, making it much more manageable

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Suitable for Coarse, Frizzy, Colour Treated Hair

Texture Control

$438 - $538

Texture Control 2.0 gives you Permanent Frizz Free hair that is Airy & Voluminous

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Suitable for Fine, Normal Colour Treated Frizzy Hair

Not sure which is for you?

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Korean Gloss

Texture Control

Korean Gloss

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What people say about our treatments



"Korean Gloss is the da best. No more lion mane in Salon Vim's care."

Novita Lam


"Thanks to the Texture Control Anti Frizz Treatment, I don't have to grapple with tangled, frizzy locks, and I am able to comb through my hair more easily. The treatment also speeded up the process of blow-drying my hair at home."

Lucinda Zhou


"Texture Control is truly my fav hair treatment ever. My wavy roots are all gone... My tresses are so much healthier looking after treatment."

"My hair was surprisingly soft and silky when I touched it. The ends weren’t as dry as before and even had a soft shine. Almost a week in, my hair is still feeling as soft and smooth as it was post-treatment and I’m convinced by the effectiveness of this treatment."


"Smooth, manageable hair every time, thanks to Salon Vim's texture control. No styling or serum needed."


"I realise that my hair is more tamed and kept in shape. My hair texture got so much better, and i realised it does not break as often anymore."


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