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Air Touch Balayage

This innovative technique uses air to create stunning, yet natural looking seamless blend of colours that are multi dimensional. Air Touch Balayage is great for you if you want a low maintenance blended hair colour which will survive the grow out.

It is a faster, time-saving technique compared to traditional balayage. AirTouch technique uses air, versus teasing/backcombing, thus producing a healthier end result.

Attributed to Vladimir Sarbashev from Russia, the colorist takes a section of hair with tension on the longest lengths, and uses a blow dryer to push the shorter hairs and internal layers down and out of the way. 

  • Time Saving - Air Touch Balayage technique helps speed up the coloring process compared to traditional highlights
  • Natural Looking, Multi Dimensional, Multi Tonal effect makes flat hair look much more voluminous! 
  • Softer Regrowth, no obvious lines so your hair colour still looks presentable for a longer time between salon appointments
  • Achieve your Ideal Hair Colour with more Comfortable and Healthier Results - Zero Teasing Required!
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Dimensional Balayage

Dimensional Balayage is an artistic free-hand application of hair colour in soft strokes. As opposed to traditional highlights where sections of hair are highlighted.

This technique is great for creating a dimensional effect, which give you a natural, soft and multi-tonal look. This dimensional effect makes flat hair appear much more voluminous! 

  • Natural looking, Multi Dimensional, Multi Tonal effect gives flat hair the appearance of Volume!
  • Low Maintenance. Dimensional Balayage is similar to Air Touch balayage in that the colour looks presentable even with new growth. Allowing longer time between salon appointments
  • Less Noticeable Re-Growth achieved with soft, lightened strokes preventing harsh, blunt lines. Allowing more time between appointments.
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French Browns

Classic French browns is a low maintenance colouring service which enhances your natural hair colour while protecting and strengthening hair cuticles. Infused with a dose of innovative bond rebuilder, this technique leaves hair incredibly shiny, soft and healthy.

If you are looking to enhance your natural hair colour or cover greys with shades of classic French Browns, without compromising on hair quality, then this is definitely for you.

  • It is a Low Maintenance colouring service that is also effective in covering grey hairs
  • Classy and Work-Appropriate look, while standing out in a crowd
  • Long Lasting rich, deep, intense colour that is highly customisable to complement your skin tone
  • Non-drying, Non-damaging. Strengthens and protects your natural hair
  • Gentle, more Comfortable option for your scalp using Ammonia-Free oil based colour
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Ash Grey Air Touch Balayage

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French Browns

Hair by: Jay Ang (Salon Vim)

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