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At Salon Vim, we offer an extensive array of services that limits no age. With innovation being held at a high regard, we regularly introduce new and exclusive services such as - Salon Vim Texture Control Anti Frizz Treatment, Texture Smooth Double Hair Treatment, Texture Care Collagen Hair Treatment, Texture Balancing Instant Rejuvenating Scalp Treatment, Scalp Revival Spa and Renewal Light Therapy.

Salon Vim provides an environment of ultimate personalisation. Every service is custom tailored to your specific hair texture and condition. Leave it to the hands of our experts and enjoy the process. Trust our competent team to provide the utmost quality in our service and works, all with the intent to empower confidence and positivity in you.

Gary Chew - Founder of Salon Vim


John Tham

Creative Director

Throughout his 20 years of hair styling career, John held on to the same belief that versatility is key to today’s competitive hair industry. With that belief, he constantly uses the latest expert techniques to challenge himself to create and recreate wearable looks.

This is also the reason why John is popular amongst social media personalities and clients alike. He aims to deliver styles that are not only trendy, but also easily maintainable. John is filled with passion for this industry and is always driven. No matter your age, you can trust John to understand and deliver your aspired style!

Aaron Hiew

Director Stylist

At the start of his career, Aaron spent two good years only doing highlights and re-bonding in a salon every day. It was tiring then, but he realizes how much it has rooted his foundation.

Now, he is able to quickly see how he can enhance every haircut with highlights or texture. Aaron approaches his clients like friends, as he wants to help solve every lifestyle problem they have with their hair.

He believes it is his job to make his client’s lives easier with the hairstyle he creates.

Elin Ho

Director Stylist

With 8 years of experience in the industry, Elin is the newest addition to our Salon Vim family. Behind her sweet and cheerful disposition is a genuine heart who does her very best in serving each client, helping them to solve their hair woes.

Clients appreciate her thoughtfulness and detailed consultation process where she takes time to understand their lifestyle and preferences.


Director Stylist

Jay’s stylist-turned-friend inspired him to begin his career in hairdressing. What started out as a part-time passion to explore the industry soon became a profession for Jay. Jay enjoys creating a good cut and color, as he believes the overall look is what makes a good hairstyle. Jay takes his daily work seriously, sometimes seen as ‘too cool’, he’s really just engrossed in making sure he gets the style right and delivers the best. So do drop a smile to our ‘cool Jay’ when you see him


Leading Stylist

Alvin has been fascinated with the beauty industry since a young age. Which has lead him to create hairstyles tailored to highlight the features of his customers. His easygoing personality and attention to details makes him adept in customising a hairstyle suitable for your lifestyle


Leading Stylist

Having worked in a Korean hair salon previously, Eric is one of our curls \/ waves expert. He understands the techniques behind a good perm and is able to achieve the popular soft, loose korean curls many ladies love. That aside, Eric also has an increasing pool of Caucasian customers coming for his Sassoon-style haircut and colours!


Leading Stylist


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