The Ultimate Hair Escape

The Ultimate
Hair Escape

Dive into an ocean of opulence and discover the allure of face-framing balayage, a hair artistry that illuminates your essence and elevates your style. As you embark on this transformative journey, let the masterful touch of Salon Vim guide you. 

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Milky Beige

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Bronzed Copper

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By Linus - Salon Vim Style House

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Sandy Blonde

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By Michelle - Mi the salon

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Smokey Topaz

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By Priscila - Salon Vim Style House

Why Choose Face-Framing Balayage with Salon Vim?

Salon Vim is the ultimate luxury destination for comprehensive hair care


Tailored Elegance

Every strand is painted with precision, ensuring the light dances gracefully around your face, enhancing your facial features with beautiful luxurious colour, while making your face look smaller.

Fashion-Forward Approach

Drawing inspiration from the world's most coveted runways, our balayage techniques are always en vogue, always enchanting. This amazing technique also give you more voluminous looking hair without perming. 

Low Maintanence

The beauty of this technique is its subtlety – a soft, natural progression of shades, giving your hair a refreshed and contemporary twist without a stark contrast, making it easy to maintain.


Unveiling The Ultimate Hair escape 

Face Framing Balayage:
The ultimate Hair Artistry

The magic of face-framing balayage lies in its bespoke approach. By strategically placing delicate highlights, we accentuate your natural features, bringing warmth, depth, and dynamism to your visage.


Salon Vim: Pioneers in Hair Mastery

Our community is made up of photographers, artists, designers, entrepreneurs, writers, and doers who believe that creativity is within everyone.

An Invitation to Luxury

Step aboard Salon Vim's exquisite voyage, where every appointment is a journey, every service a discovery. Indulge in unparalleled luxury, knowing you're in the hands of the finest hair artisans.

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